Telescoping Fiberglass Flagpoles Are Portable and Very Useful at Home or on the Road

You can make life more fun by expressing your values and being yourself to the world. There are new products available to help you communicate who you are and what you believe in. I am excited to share with you a product that is portable and very durable. These 22′ telescoping flag pole, made from heavy-duty fiberglass, now have locks on the three bottom segments. They will not collapse in wind like lesser flagpoles.

We have created and tested the best products available for traveling. Now, we can offer the best portable flagpoles you can find anywhere. You have many options for expressing your thoughts, feelings, and patriotism to the United States.

Express your feelings about the country. You can express yourself using these flagpoles. The majority of flagpole manufacturers offer a wide range of flags at very low prices.

This flagpole’s portability is a bonus. However, only one of the flagpoles currently available has locking detents. The locking detents have the advantage that your flagpole is not susceptible to wind damage, which was already discussed. This issue has been the subject of many complaints. After the flagpole has collapsed, the weight on the upper segments of the flagpole breaks the flag clips. Without additional flag clips, your flagpole is now useless. That problem is eliminated with the locking flagpole! The aluminum flagpoles have been the subject of many questions. I was asked questions about their strength, portability and overall length. I have several aluminum flagpoles which are telescoping. I also have looked at other models on the market. Design challenges include: The wall thickness of an aluminum flagpole should be thin enough so that it will bend slightly in high winds. Aluminum is not like glass, and once it bends it tends hold its shape making collapsing the pole difficult when it is taken down for storage.

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