Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Relationship Management Software

Microsoft Dynamics customer relation management software is an IIS based web app with client server architecture. It can be accessed via Internet Explorer 6 or higher versions. Microsoft claims it can support activities such as sales, marketing, and helpdesk. However Microsoft claims that using its proprietary technologies based upon.Net framework will allow this product to be enhanced to support other related activity. Microsoft wants its CRM software to be used by its business partners as an XRM platform. This allows it to handle other activities than those that are generally customer-centric. This CRM software is available to clients and partners in four different versions. The software also supports upward compatibility so that clients can easily upgrade to the latest version as their needs change microsoft dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used in several languages. It integrates well with Microsoft products, such as MS office and Microsoft small business server. It is easy to customize the CRM application to suit the user’s needs. Third party tools can also be used to add additional features. Dynamics CRM can be customized internally to provide familiar and easy-to-understand forms. Business work flow can also easily be customized. Custom objects can be added for additional activities. This application can also send Emails and raise alarms for next steps in an activity or pending work. E-mail campaign management is easy and can also be tracked. Service scheduling allows for all the activities including logging, dispatching, tracking and follow-up.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software has many components. These include MSSQL database and web services layer. The SDK that comes with the application allows for customization and integration. The web services layer handles communication of applications with other components. Developed for improving functioning, the server platform is responsible to create domain-specific objects and provide the building blocks for the application. Microsoft Exchange server processes the incoming and departed E-mails.

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