How Often Do You Require Carpet Cleaning Services?

When it comes to home facets, best carpet cleaning are often overlooked. While windows are cleaned and floors are polished, carpets are often left outside in the cold. Carpets are usually only cleaned when they have a stain, or if there is a lot of sneezing while sitting or lying down. How often are you actually required to clean your carpets?

Regular Maintenance

Carpets that are maintained well require less cleaning than carpets that are neglected. You won’t need to clean your carpets again for at least two years if you have them professionally cleaned. For those who are unhappy with the way their carpets look or for carpet owners who use them daily, professional cleaning is a last resort. You can reduce the need for professional cleaning by vacuuming once per week.


Carpets belonging to homes require less maintenance because they are indoors, and only come in direct contact with a small amount of dirt each day. If homeowners take off their shoes before stepping on the carpet, the need for cleaning is reduced. Families with children often require professional assistance if their child spills something on the carpets. Carpets that are pet-related can be more difficult to clean. Pet hairs can be vacuumed or used Velcro pads to remove them. However, pets can also track dirt in from the outside and soil the carpet.

Carpets in public and commercial buildings will require more frequent cleaning. It’s impossible to know where people are from or what they have brought with them. This is where vacuuming can prove inefficient as dirt can easily be trampled and lodged deep within carpet fibers. Carpets in public areas need to be cleaned at minimum once a year.

Too Much Cleaning

Over cleaning is a real thing. You might feel tempted to clean your carpets more often if you have the money. On average, you should only do it once or twice a year. Carpets can be damaged by chemicals used in carpet cleaning.

You can get advice from your carpet cleaning service if you aren’t sure how often to have them clean your carpets. They will not only clean your carpets, but they will also offer tips to preserve its quality.
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